Household Water Charges: There maybe trouble ahead

Household Water Charges: There maybe trouble ahead

Water Charges: There maybe trouble ahead.A good news story for all householders around the country today on hearing that the proposed water charges to be introduced by the Government to all 1.1 million households in the State by 2012 maybe now in doubt!

Major doubt over the planned roll-out of water charges for domestic households came about when it was reported that local authorities are currently have difficulty in forcing businesses to pay their water charges, with councils reporting unpaid bills totaling €77m!

Not only are they having difficulty in collecting dues but authorities say they will not take legal action against local businesses because 1) of the high costs of taking legal action and 2) they say they “will not cut businesses off because of the likelihood of job losses and the bad publicity that would ensue” – which at the end of the day sounds like a fair and moral argument – they are only human after all!

With this news out in the air it raises the question and highlights the issue of if Local Authorities are currently unable to collect business water charges how do they plan to enforce domestic water changes?

Looks like it may not be so easily “rolled out” as planned in 2012!

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