What first time buyers really want


What first time buyers really want

A second hand, 3 bed semi detached house with appropriately sized rooms and adequate storage space, that requires no renovation, which is located in a safe area, has parking, a garden, is convenient to their workplace, shops and pub, and is well served by public transport.

According to a new survey, having adequate storage space, suitable room sizes and parking are more important to first time buyers than being located close to family, friends, parks or schools.

The survey, which was carried out by leading Irish property website MyHome.ie shows that factors such as general safety, storage, room size and parking are ranked as important or very important by between 94 and 96% of respondents.

Conversely only 67% of first time buyers rate proximity to friends as important or very important while that figure drop to 62% for family or relatives. In fact 14% of first time buyers say proximity to family is unimportant or very unimportant.

Another interesting finding is that while 94% say parking is important or very important, the corresponding figure for public transport is 81%.

Angela Keegan, CEO of MyHome.ie said that while the findings reflect the lifestyle of Irish people in the 25 to 35 age group there are some surprises.

‘I wasn’t surprised to see proximity to work and local amenities being rated as high as 83% and 85% respectively. However it was surprising to see proximity to schools only being rated as important or very important by 54%. While 89% rated a garden as very important or important it was surprising to see that while having adequate storage space was rated very highly only 28% viewed having a garage as important or very important while the corresponding figure for an attic was 51%.’ Keegan said.

Given the current economic climate Keegan said it wasn’t surprising that buyers did not want to take on house requiring much renovation. ‘Just over 40% said they would like to buy a second hand home that requires no renovation while a further 34% want one that requires only cosmetic changes. Twenty per cent are looking to buy a new build’ she said.

Other features which weren’t viewed as particularly important were period features (only viewed as important or v important by 16%), a balcony (only viewed as important or v important by 17%) a sea view (13%) and a granny flat (4%).

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