Affordable housing transferred for use as social housing

Affordable housing transferred for use as social housing

Affordable housing transferred for use as social housing Local Authorities have transferred more than 1,500 affordable housing units for use as social housing in an attempt to address the excess of unsold properties following the downturn in the housing market. With the current climate the demand for affordable housing, a scheme that was designed to provide homes at a discount to the market price for people who could not afford to buy a home on the open market, has more or less collapsed.

Figures provided by the Department of the Environment and Local Government show that, at the beginning of February, there were 1,565 units on the books of the 34 local authorities, 407 which were in the process of being sold leaving 1,158 houses on the hands of the various councils.

The highest number of affordable units available lye on the books of the four Dublin local authority areas with more than 500 affordable housing units available for sale. The council said it was looking at a number of ways to reduce their affordable housing stock and were proposing six ways in which to utilise the remaining housing stock which include: sale under the incremental purchase scheme; transfer of houses to the rental accommodation scheme; use as temporary accommodation for social housing applicants; sale; rent to buy and use for other purposes.

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  1. Jerry at 10:30 am

    Jimmy, I have never heard such a snobbish attitude in my life, some people with families such as myself have worked hard all our life but was never in a position to buy our own house due to the ridiculous market prices, and after being made redundant we are now in need of social housing, maybe not all people are as lucky as you. maybe you should think twice about looking down your nose at people, because life is a funny thing and next year it could be you and yours who need help.

  2. Jimmy at 11:14 am

    This is the tax payer bailing out NAMA and the property developer!

    The houses should be auctioned without reserve to the highest owner-occupier bidder.

    The tax payer will now have to carry the can for giving away decent homes to people, many of whom will wreck them so we can pay again to fix them up, and on and on for ever.

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