Property Tax: The never-ending story

Property Tax: The never-ending story

Property Tax: The never-ending storyCan we blog any more on property tax… yes we can! The subject of whether or not to introduce a property tax seems to be an on going and endless topic of conversation. Appearing in the paper again today ahead of this Wednesdays budgetary talks it now seems that a Property Tax is not on the agenda for the next budget – hip hip hooray!

Not even two weeks ago Taoiseach Brian Cowen told the Government that he had made no ‘Yes’ of ‘No’ decision on whether or not to introduce a property tax in the next budget BUT it now seems that the Government has ‘signaled’ such a tax will not form part of the next budget; ‘We’ve seen a huge reduction in the value of property so that the capacity of the capital taxes to raise money has reduced according’, said Minister for Finance Brian Lehihan. He added, ”If you keep endlessly increasing taxation, you will destroy confidence in the economy” – …Finally!! That sounds a little reassuring?

However, while we may escape the tax this time round its has not been ruled out indefinitely – “we will do some preliminary work on laying down the basis over a number of years of how you might connect a property tax”.

So it seems we still haven’t heard the end / blogged our last of this ongoing property tax saga.

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  1. catherine dolan at 7:35 pm

    I am not going to pay any property tax in my life-time !!! I am so sick of the squandering of this Government of Tax-payers money and the bail outs to the banks caused by GREED> We will pay for these mistakes for the rest of our lives and our childrens and grand-childrens lives, so as a matter of principle and to show my utter disgust towards Mr. Brian Cowen and his Government and the total disregard they have for the people of Ireland, I will not pay and will go to Jail if it comes to that. What they have done to the people of this land is totally inacceptable and so very wrong. They have this wonderful little Country on its knees and the people with it. Enough i say and hope more follow with me. I intend to start a petition next week in my county of Kerry and hopefully get more support through Facebook and my page there, any one interested in supporting me, please add me as a friend on facebook. Catherine Dolan, Tralee, Co. Kerry. Thanks so much xx

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