PSO Levy is Back: Electricity Price Hike seems imminent

PSO Levy is Back: Electricity Price Hike seems imminent

PSO Levy is Back: Electricity Price Hike seems imminent  Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan and The Commission for Energy Regulation have come under fire from many parties, punters and businesses with the announcement / realization that electricity bills are to rise come October.

The electricity price hike is due to a Public Service Order (PSO) levy, a levy that was suspended in 2007. But, the levy is back and plans to raise €156 million euro to support and subsidise peat and renewable energy generators in the country – which all sounds well and good in the long run, however we are left shouldering the brunt of the Minister’s bill for his “green energy revolution and unwillingness to squeeze ESB” commented Leo Varadkar, the Fine Gael spokesman on energy. The levy will mean that householders will pay an extra €32.76 a year on their bills, while electricity bills of small and medium-sized businesses can expect an added €99.03.

Not only that but the levy will be introduced as a flat rate hike i.e. all electricity users will pay the same rate regardless of consumption… “A granny living on her own using very little electricity will pay the same amount as somebody who leaves their boiler on all day,” added Varadkar.

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  1. Sean Henry at 9:08 pm

    Absolutely marvelous ,another tax for Mr. Gormley and his wayward ‘CABBAGES’.Cant wait for March to get rid of them .Keep on hiking up those tax bands ye have the country ruined.

  2. Des Walsh at 12:17 pm

    PSO levy is NOW in operation. My latest ESB bill contained aleaflet that the mandatory P.S.O.levy would add Eu5.46 to every two-monthly bill (whether you used 10 or 10 000 units , disgraceful ) but they conveniently forgot to tell that V.A.T. was added to that as well !! That makes a Eu6.20 addition to every bill. Trying to communicate face-to-face with a human in that organization is now impossible. At ESB ,Wilton ,Cork I was directed to the 1850 telephone in the corner; even though those answering me were just behind the doors (call centre now in Wilton). Eventually the girl grudgingly admitted that the increase is Eu5.46 + V.A.T. So a multi billion organization is once again hiding the true facts just like the bloody inept GOVERNMENT WE ARE SADDLED WITH. So why hide the VAT, why is it a FLAT charge, why VAT on a levy,is it legal ??? Get your TD on the questioning trail. Des Walsh ,Cork

  3. Edel at 2:47 pm

    What a weird and wonderful place the greens must inhabit! It certainly isn’t the real world where I live, and the fact that this small minority are leading Biffo around by the nose and getting every little thing they want regardless of how weird it is will not bode well for either party come the elections. First there was the bat count, next came the frog count, next came the hunt ban and the dog licence bill, then there was the hedgerow trimming ban, which if you ask me, endangers me as a motorist when I can’t see around the corners because of overgrown bushes, but hey, what am I worth? What the hell will be next? Despite all of the above, which are mildly amusing, if somewhat stupid, this PSO levy is downright vindictive and the greens and FF will pay, one way or the other! Your days are truly numbered! The market is also opening up so ESB better watch out, or their days will be numbered too! As soon as there are viable competitors, the common people will be switching in droves… Me too!

  4. Christopher Brennan at 7:34 pm

    I honestly laughed when I first read about this in the paper today… Like, seriously laughed! I can’t believe that in a period of political instability such as what we’ve been in since this economic depression started, that Green politicians would push through something that would guarentee their party’s complete ruination in the next elections. Honestly, we are all wanting to be greener. We recycle more, we use the car less. We occasionally use the bus. I know I car pool with workmates. I thought going green was all about saving money while saving the environment. Now we are being asked to “part the cheeks” yet again for more pain? Come on Mr. Ryan, so you seriously expect to be in a job come 2012 when asking an already flat broke people like the Irish working to middle class to pay even more for something that is a basic necessity? AND to pay the same amount per year as Sean Fitzpatrick? I’ve never voted Green and if the last three years have thought me anything I never will.

  5. catherine dolan at 5:32 pm

    An absolute idiotic idea when the Country is on it’s knees and many Hotels and Business owners can not afford to stay viable. What are the Government thinking, this will push consumers and Business people even further into dept.Wake up and listen to the people please before the Country is totally bankrupt, or is it too late.

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