Synthetic Grass for your back garden?

Synthetic Grass for your back garden?

Synthetic Grass When you hear the words synthetic grass it wouldn’t be a surprise if astro turf and the game of soccer were the first things to spring to mind. While its common knowledge that astro turf is widely used in the commercial market it’s now starting to make headway into the residential market as an alternative option to traditional garden grass.

For many the very idea of replacing a natural lawn with synthetic or artificial grass would probably be greeted with plenty of cynicism and derision. However… synthetic lawns have many advantages and benefits and in certain circumstances and situations they can provide a practical alternative to a real lawn i.e.

They are;

  • Low maintenance; no cutting or trimming, even cleaning is easy
  • UV stable, so will not fade
  • Provides a durable child and pet friendly surface
  • Ideal for situations where owners require a real alternative for garden spaces where natural lawn is not practical
  • Will not stain (therefore no worries if you have pets fouling is easily removed)
  • And some they are eco friendly i.e. no more petrol fumes from your lawn mower

Synthetic lawns can be ideal if you have a garden grass that has

  • Continuous damp patches and where you find it impossible to retain any reasonable grass surface or lawn
  • Receives constant wear and tear
  • Has bare patches or very weak and areas of poor grass

So how easy or difficult is it to install a synthetic lawn?
The ground preparation for installing a synthetic lawn is broadly similar to installing a paved area, ie, remove lawn, excavate soil area, the compacted hardcore is blinded with compacted sand. This provides a secure base for the synthetic surface which is secured by fixing to a pressure treated perimeter timber frame.

Below are picture of a real example in which the owners had tried in vain to retain a lawn and despite replacing the lawn on a number of occasions. Having considered a number of options, it was decided to replace the lawn with synthetic grass and also include some Raised Planting Beds to provide better growing conditions as well as some protection for the plants from the pet dog.

Synthetic Grass

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  3. Sophia jackson at 12:41 pm

    i thing main problem is maintenance and Synthetic Grass maintain is very easy .

  4. Maximo Siems at 11:06 am

    Your simple artificial turf requires little or no maintenance, which means there will be no more lawn mowers or lawnmowers emitting greenhouse gases into the air.

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  6. Annie Brown at 8:28 am

    Back or front Synthetic grass fit all your good home improvement.

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    Not only back garden artificial grass can use everywhere.

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    I totally agree with your points mentioned in this blog. This artificial turf is really very helpful because it doesn’t require any cutting or trimming, and most importantly their cleaning is very easy; this saves money and time. If you want to know more checkout this website

  11. Kevin497 at 12:23 pm

    Great detail you have shared on synthetic grass. Well, synthetic grass saves time, water and money used for its maintenance.

    Impressive article, indeed.

  12. artificial grass at 1:41 pm

    Artificial grass is eco-friendly. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals that can harm the environment or people. It is very durable and long lasting that it requires very low maintenance. Low maintenance means no more watering, trimming, mowing, and upkeep. This means you are saving a lot of water that also saves you money in the long run. No mowing not only saves you the hassle of trimming your lawn, but also reduces the amount of pollution that is caused by lawn mowers. A lawn mower emits one hundred times the amount of pollution than a regular vehicle does in a given hour.

  13. artificial grass at 4:14 pm

    Artificial grass provides several useful benefits especially during summer time. This season is marked by heat, drought, and sometimes humidity. Synthetic grass accommodates these conditions, making it a great alternative to natural grass in the summer season. Artificial lawns are do not dry out or get damaged by the heat. Since the grass blades in artificial grass are made from melted polypropylene and polyethylene, these materials do not melt in the sun and also manage to keep cool even on the hottest summer days. With that said, artificial grass is family-friendly and poses minimal risk of being too hot for children to play on.

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