New Electricity Levy on household bills: Is it fair?

New Electricity Levy on household bills: Is it fair?

New Electricity Levy on household bills: is it fair?An electricity levy that was previously suspended in 2007 has been revived and will now be imposed on all electricity customers come this October. The new levy will see an increase in electricity prices of up to 5% and plans to raise €156 million in order to improve the security of energy supply and for the development of renewable energy.

Leo Varadkar, the Fine Gael spokesman on energy said “Consumers and businesses are going to have to pay the bill for Eamon Ryan’s green energy revolution and his unwillingness to squeeze the ESB.” The Labour Party described the increase as… “bad news for business and bad news for consumers”.

The announcement of the levy was also met with strong opposition from many punters saying that “now is not the time to be hitting the ‘Joe Public’ with this expense”…“We already have a levy on electricity costs. We have the most expensive electricity in Europe…. driving up the price of power will drive some further into poverty.” A spokesperson for the ESB also recently told the Sunday Independent that it has cut off power to 900 households a month because they can’t pay their electricity bills.

The 5% increase in the levy would mean an extra €30 – €40 charge on the average €800 annual electricity bill.

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  • New Electricity Levy on household bills: Is it fair?
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  1. christian higgins at 12:42 pm

    Sure why not levy the levy thats already on the levy?

  2. ZZ at 3:09 am

    I personally think to show these wasters that a simple Nation Wide Act buy all Irish, on the same day at the same time will show the ESB / Greens and Fianna that the Irish have had enough.

    SHUT OFF YOUR POWER on a specific day and time Country Wide.

    The ESB will see a revenue drop of an hour (if its that long) and they will certainly see the power surge when turned on all at once.

    Someone needs to take the bull by its horns.


  3. Ray at 9:51 pm

    In a time when everyone is trying to reduce costs we get slapped with this, another tax. Another way for thr government to screw the hard worker and the unfortunate unemployed people. We already have one of the highest costs of living in the world and the government don’t realise this is making it harder for business, regular joe and is not going to help any foreign investment. Especially when they see the green party trying to block insinertators that foreign companies are trying to build and create jobs

  4. Peter O’Connor at 9:07 pm

    What a bunch of whiners. We live at the END of Europe’s gas/oil line, At the END of the oil era. Of course we pay (nearly) the most. So Cut down. Put a wolly jumper on – just because we watch Californian TV all day and night doesn’t mean we got their climate.
    BYW so many Americans would love to live here in our ‘soft’ climate – I know – I lived 20 years abroad because of the last recession. The real one where 1:60 students left for work.
    We need to get real. As a BER engineer I am forever hearing about our insulation coast too much !! I ask .. Compared to WHAT exactly??
    All this hot air – would keep a small country warm.

  5. Pat Spillane at 7:30 pm

    Electricity Charge !!!
    Part of my job (over 10 years ago) in my sepublic service employment was to monitor electricity costs throughout europe – Ireland had the cheapest electricity in Europe.
    The government (???) decided to introduce competition and opened the market to other private generating companies – but nobody entered the market because there wasn’t enough profit. So the government (NOT the ESB) raised the price of electricity by 13% to attract private generating companies – still no new entries so they raised the price again.
    This time Viridian (a Northern Ireland company) built a (subsidised?) gas powered generation station off the N2 mororway – however they stated that they would not build further stations as it still was not profitable enough. So the government (NOT the ESB) raised the price again.

    This is all done in the name of competition – which will reduce the price of electricity (Yeah Right !!). Even the current 10% off for Airtricity/Bord Gais electricity is a government instruction (through the regulator).. I could go on.
    They try to tell us that all this will reduce the price of electricity – but we had the cheapest electricity in Europe.
    The current levy is part of the Fianna fail masterplan.
    Check the history out.

  6. Concepta McPhillips at 11:11 am

    I think this country is a disgrace. It’s the normal Joe Soap who are left struggling while all the pricks at the top are swaning around on their big salaries. Im 32 and i am starting to hate this country, Im just home from visiting relations in Glasgow and my god the difference. The price of clothes, toiletries, food, drink etc. I KNOW WHERE IM DOING MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING THIS YEAR AND IT WON’T BE IN IRELAND.

  7. Harry at 9:33 am

    As always with any Finna f*ckup led government, follow the money. Board Gais start selling electricity at 5% less than the ESB, so what do the grubberment do, slap on a 5% tax, and remember, that’s double taxation as this is being paid out of our already heavily taxed incomes.

    Ireland is no longer a democracy; Ireland is now a kleptocracy, (from the the Greek: κλέπτης (thieve) and κράτος (rule)) it is a term that means a government that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats), via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population.

    I suppose that if you are a green politician claiming €143,151 in “turning-up” expenses for cycling to the Dail, then a 5% increase in your electricity bill does not seem that much. It just goes to show how out of touch with real life the politicians in this country.

    Roll on the next general election when the Greens will join the PDs

  8. Monica at 7:23 pm

    It’s not enough that we are charged 21% VAT on our bills but they have to increase them even further by putting another 5% on top of that again. Make the switch folks. Even if your new provider has to put on some sort of Government Levy in the future, at least our bills will be that much cheaper anyway. Is the Government still living in the Ireland of today where practically half the population is on the dole like myself and just about making ends meet or are they away with the fairies in NeverNeverland?

  9. colin angell at 3:29 pm

    can some one tell me how many people have an annual bill of 8 hundred euros. i know i dont 5% would add 15 euros to my bill every two months, an over all cost of 180 euros not the 30 to 40 euros stated. the government need to wake up and smell the coffee, the common man can not afford this price increase, more people will end up having there electricty cut off because they cant afford it.

  10. Gerard at 1:12 pm

    While in total agreement about the abhorrance re this levy, I shudder for the future of this once beautiful country. It’s all well & good to say ‘kick FF/Greens out’ ( I for one cannot wait to see the back of that moronic green party), just who is going to take their place? FG/Lab?? Where are Kenny & Gilmore now? Onn holidays just like the rest of the elected TD’s! They bitched and moaned about the length of the Dail closing before it closed for the summer recess. But, if they are so worried about the country, why don’t they go into Dail Eireann, and just sit in their seats, not enjoy the holiday like the rest of these freeriders. Sadly, FG/Lab are NO BETTER than FF/GP, & that is what makes me worry for the future of this beautiful country.

  11. John Walsh at 8:41 am

    I just cannot wait until we vote again, so we can send the Green Party to the same place we sent the PD’s. They are toast! Once again, FF have some fall guys to blame, so don’t be fooled guys – we need new blood at the helm. Problem is, I am not sure we have any …….

  12. Laura at 7:15 am

    Is this just an ESB levy/tax? If I change to Bord Gais or Airtricity will I still be taxed?

  13. Peter Kelly at 8:27 pm

    Eamon Ryan did not even have the courage to announce the 5% electricity increase himself but got his tame watchdog the so called Energy Regulator to enlighten the public. The Energy Regulator’s office is a quango headed by a retired civil servant on a nice pension and now on a nice little earner. Like the Financial regulator he’s a complete waste of space and(our)money. The ESB, Airtricity and Bord Gais did not seek this increase but apparently have to charge it, they should absorb this increase themselves and not pass it on. The greens are making the most of their brief time at the top because they know that come the next election they will go the way of the pd’s. Let’s hope that day comes quickly.

  14. Theresa S at 7:51 pm

    Totally unfair in the current economic climate
    Have a look at the Commission for Energy regulation website – these are the guys who in their wisdom have deceided to increase the charges to pay for research and development of our future energy needs. My question is who set up this Commission, who are these guy, who appointed them and how much are we the tax payer paying in salaries and expenses for their opinions ? If they are as inefficient as the rest of the Commissions, County Councils and Goverment Departmants then I for one have no faith in their judgement.

  15. B O’Sullivan at 5:38 pm

    with the weather forecast for next winter…. there will be a huge drop in the pensioner population of this country when they will not be able to keep warm….disgraceful..

  16. Mary Flynn at 5:26 pm

    The ESB or the providers should pay the price, not the consumers. Electricity prices are high enough already. The green party should consider the users before they put these suggestions forward.

  17. John at 5:12 pm

    are we picking up the tab for the ESB’s bad debts from people leaving the country after building up bills ?

  18. geoff seymour at 5:08 pm

    This is more of the GREEN agenda espoused by Joe Gormless and his cohort Eamonn (the robber) Ryan who along with the rest of the Green party members have absolutely no sense of what the public ( who pay their wages) are going through. The sooner we get rid of this robbing group of self serving greedy politions , the better. No the ESB charges are already too high, which in the case of industrial costs, contribute to job losses by inflating our production costs vs other European countries.The public at large should withhold this 5% from their bills and pay only the amount that would have been paid before this GREEN PARTY rise.

  19. Joe G at 3:00 pm

    I think the Green Party need to spend more time dealing with the real public and less time with the sheep, that might stop their wooly thinking. How anyone can impose an unnecessary tax on the disaster zone we call an economy beats me. Please, Minister Ryan and others in the Green Party, stop following some idealistic manifesto and start dealing with real people and our problems!!! Then we can get back to analysing your agenda.

  20. Aryelle Anderson at 2:56 pm

    Increasing electricity costs is not the solution to an already failing economy both for the consumer and the ESB. This will just add further anger and fuel to the fire that is about to explode here. People, consumers and those on the bread line have had enough – absolutely enough of being pushed into even more costly increases. We cannot take any more and we are not going to take any more. We all need to stop paying our ESB bills if this increase goes ahead. We need to make a call to action and stand our ground. We can all make a difference for ourselves when we unite as one and push back on those who are trying to continue to made life and living here extremely impossible. Stand up for yourselves and be proactive for yourself with your actions and choice of not paying your bill……………… The results lie in your choices!

  21. JoJo at 2:36 pm

    In the middle of the worst recession this Country has faced, with thousands of people facing losing their homes, with the thousands of people who are on the dole, with the impending budget in December set to increase the misery of the average worker, do the Government really feel that this makes sense right now? Obviously, Ireland lags far behind in the renewable energy sector, but now is not the time to be asking the tax payers to find extra monies to support it.

  22. Jason at 1:56 pm

    Fair? To whom?

    When Banks failed, those bankers are still living in their luxury world; we grass-roots are paying the damage. –> Is that fair?!

    If you want fair, then dream to become the ruling class.

    Gold bless Ireland!

  23. Peter O’Connor at 1:48 pm

    Of course it’s fair. If you want to pay less – use less. Simple. Try turning your sky-box off at night. We save €400,- approx a year by doing that.
    Fit a lagging jacket or 2wo on your hot-tank. Save a bucket of money every month. Change your light bulbs to 1Watt LEDs and the payback is 9months in areas such as halls and kitchens where lights are kept on a lot. Turn off outside lights when not in use and/or fit sensors (€6,-) payback time 2 – 3 months. Put a jacket or jumper on in wintertime instead of turning up the heat in the entire house. This ain’t California.
    Save all the hot air from your whining and heat the house.
    Peter – BER engineer and house renovator. I’ve seen your wasteful habits. Quit moaning and get saving. Switch it OFF.

  24. John at 1:46 pm

    Another example of the Green party’s remove from reality. They have been responsible for screwing the population out of every possible cent regardless of the economic circumstances of the country.
    If there is anyone out there who even thinks of voting for this lot when the next election comes around then there’s only one thought comes to mind – turkeys and Christmas!

  25. Simon at 1:32 pm

    Well this doesnt surprise me at the least,the worst goverment yet!!!.Joe bloggs screwed again,dont know how much we can tolerate this anymore,follow other countries and riot,hope a revolution comes quickly so we can stand up aginst this robbery once and for all.

  26. Colm at 1:29 pm

    Firstly lets call this what it is the Electricity Tax. It’s not a levy it’s a tax. Same as the carbon tax, the health tax, the pension tax, the water tax etc. Calling it a levy is PR spin and we should not buy into it.

    I am sick of this government. On one side we have a Fianna Failure party trying to divert every cent they can get their grubby hands on to bail out their galway tent mates. On the other we have the Green Taliban determined to dismantle the carbon producing elements of our economy (i.e. all of it) before they are thrown out of power in the next election. They have one shot at returning us to their medieval carbon neutral utopia because after this term in government it will be 2 to 3 generations before they have a TD in the dail again. Then we have the bitter aftertaste of the PDs determined to dismantle the public health service leaving us with just 7 “factories of efficiency”. Between that unholy alliance the Irish people have been herded into a high tax no sercive economy where your only duty in life is to work as long as you can to fund Anglo and the government jet and then die as quickly as possible. I’d say the first item on the agenda for Dukes and his merry men in Anglo the morning after this Electricity tax was introduced was how they could get their hands on it.

    The reality is this Electricity tax is being introduced to fund what, in a civilised society, would have come from existing revenue streams. At the very least it should have come from the annual dividend the government take from the profitable semi-states like the ESB. It’s exactly the same for all the new taxes. They serve no social benefit. This is not going to reduce our carbon footprint because we are already at a price point where increasing numbers of people are in fuel poverty and are being disconnected. We have already been beaten to the point of changing our habits and beating us further is just sadistic. It will achieve nothing for the general carbon footprint of Ireland because one of the areas it is designed to fund is the release of carbon back into the atmosphere from the great natural carbon sink that is the peat bogs by burning them in power plants. And it will achieve nothing in the global fight against climate change as you could shut down the whole country and it would still be a small portion of the margin of error in statistics for global carbon emmissions.

    In fact all this Electricity tax (and the carbon tax, water levy, N-Road toll tax etc) will achieve is a clap on the back for John, Eamon and Trevor at the next climate change meeting. But in reality the praise will be something similar to the Taliban turning up at a Muslim league meeting. To their face they will get a few smiles and the odd “aren’t you great for fighting the cause no matter what the cost to your country” but behind their backs they will be dismissed as crazed nuts who must be kept out of other countries at all costs.

  27. sonny at 1:23 pm

    I don’t believe for one second that this “levy” is for improving the security of energy supply, the government is stone broke, they are just looking to find more ways of getting our money to trow into the black hole they have thrown the rest. Have they no shame, all they are doing is sending more people in to poverty, and setting them up for a cold cold winter. I think the question of fairness is long gone We are just a source of revenue them and nothing else.

  28. Kevin at 1:20 pm

    We just can’t win, when oil prices rise, the ESB raises prices to “cover the cost of rising fuel costs” and when oil prices aren’t rising we have a 5% levy to “cover the cost of developing renewable energy and provide for security of supply”(ie. subsidising peat burning power stations).

    Two questions come to mind, firstly why can’t the private companies that are building these renewable energy sources pay for it themselves ? its not as if they will give us a reduction in rates in the future to say thanks for subsidising them now. No, when they have the windmills built, then we’ll hear how they need high rates to recover “their” investment. And secondly, how much security of supply do we get from subsidising peat burning stations, when they only supply 6%(2007) of our electricity needs ? If we have to rely on peat for our secure power needs, then we’ll be back to candles and oil lamps !

  29. Rachel at 1:06 pm

    No it is not fair I have already had my electricity cut off once because I could not pay the bill quick enough I owed €583 when it was cut off and had paid €200 the month before but because i fell behind they cut it off so then i had to pay €300 to get them to put it back on & then it took 24hrs for them to put it back on & of course they will now add reconnection fees as well!!! the €300 I had to get a loan of from family who don’t have a huge amount themselves i am about ready to have a nervous breakdown because i never have enough to cover basics i.e rent, esb, food forget about even having a social life i have no money & i don’t have kids i can only imagine how some families feel. i saw one of the other posts mentions the bank bailouts and i would agree that if the gov wasn’t pumping money into them we may be better off. all the gov does is look after the rich and feic all us poor chumps who actually work for a living they just don’t care, yeah the people of Ireland need to stand up to the gov and say F*ck that we’re not taking this anymore.

  30. Sean at 12:43 pm

    Its an utter disgrace the way that hopeless goverment are treating people, im on illness Benefit and get no help with anything, just the S..te 196 a week, come winter im will be wearing a jacket round he house cus i cant afford to have the heating on for long, with the levy on gas and now on electric, will be sitting in the dark, dread when the bills come in, out with the gangster goverment that wont be mist, would love to see them live on 196 Euros a week, yea right.

  31. Louise at 12:42 pm

    Totally unfair!!! Here we go again, footing another bill for the “wise wealthy business men” THIS COUNTRY IS UNBELIEVABLE! We’ve to pay proerty tax, water charges, road tax, t.v. tax, stamp duty tax, income tax, i could go on & on, i’ve actually sat down & figured out that i would be an awful lot better off financially if i were on the dole, if i just want to move house to a different part of the country i have to pay a tax so instead i have a house sitting idle in the country & i rent in Dublin as it all works out cheaper, they call stamp duty an investors tax, i’m not an investor i have one house & i want to sell it and move to Dublin but the government will charge 22k to move home, totally crazy…!!! Our Government ought to be ashamed of themselves.. NO… WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY THIS INCREASE ON OUR ELECTRICITY!!

  32. patrick cunningham at 12:39 pm

    we need more energy to stoke the furnaces for burning
    the anglo/aib useless property deeds

  33. Kieran Webb at 12:38 pm

    We already have the most expensive electricity in Europe. This in itself is not fair with up to 1,000 households in Ireland having their electricity supply cut off every month! This is a crisis. I hope Eamon Ryan hasn’t capitulated to the powers that be in this country. If he has he should resign immediately. If anybody agrees with what I’m saying here, make sure to use your vote where it counts next time and let’s keep shouting out against evildoers wherever and whenever we can. Well done MyHome for publishing this article!

  34. Sambuca at 12:36 pm

    It really is amazing what Cowen’s cohort are attempting to get away with. Having allowed the banks, builders and “developers” to screw us all over with impunity, now they’re going to extract blood from stones, i.e. us. Get shot of this lot of gangsters and let’s go after the banksters as well. There are some lovely cells in the ‘Joy just waiting for a whole load of nation wreckers.

  35. Imelda at 12:36 pm

    I don’t think there is a word in the dictionary to describe how much of a disgrace this is!

    How are people supposed to survive when basic amenities and neccessities are costing us a fortune??

    Is it not enough that we have to hand over a substantial amount of our wages (those of us that are still lucky enough to have an income) in tax and levies , now we are going to screwed on the price of boiling the kettle!!

    Its enough to drive you to bad health – again that is bad news for the people of Monaghan becasue by the time we reach a hospital we will probably be dead!

    Whats nasty surprises are next??

    Maybe it is time that the Government got a pay cut and learn what it is like to survive on a wage that is available in the “real world” – that would put a stop to their messing about and expecting us to pick up the tab.

  36. Billy Bruce at 12:34 pm

    Since the green’s have come in they have done nothing but put further financial burdens on everyone. They put a levy on fuel, and their reason was to encourage people to try to use less energy. Do they think I deliberately put on the heating when it’s not cold, or use the gas to cook food I don’t need. No matter how much they put on car fuel, it is not possible to make my journey to work any shorter, and there is no public transport as an alterative, and there is no one to pool my car with. Now they are putting a levy on electricity to protect it!!!! What about protecting the public from these pontificating gob*****s. And don’t forget to make your 6 year old child walk the 6 miles to school, because you know you are not alllowed to use that car that you also use for work!!!!!! When, oh when can we have an election. This is the trouble with this electoral system. You get a small minority (both greens and independants) who seem to do and get exactly what they want in order to keep the government (and themselves) in power. The tail is definitely wagging the dog.

  37. Eugene at 12:30 pm

    In the same month that I took a 10% pay cut last year, the ESB gave themselve a 3% pay increase. I immediately switched to Bord Gais.
    The Green party should shelve this proposal during this economic emergency, or it should be paid for by improved efficiency within the ESB/ESB Networks. Small business and consumers can’t keep being tapped like this by the government – just in advance of what looks like being another hair-shirt budget in December.

  38. AV Watt at 12:28 pm

    This is only the tip of the iceberg of additional cost inflicted on the Irish electricity consumer by Minister Ryan’s green policies. Renewable energy is the root cause. Denmark is the current wind power leader and they have mainland Europe’s most expensive electricity at 25 cents per kW/hr, we in our small island pay around 18 cents and will soon pass Denmark as Ryan wants to spend €30 billion on jamming around 2000 wind turbines on the Irish electricity grid, by the time this plus the new grid plus the 95% back-up gas or diesel fuelled power plants required is paid for we will have the most expensive electricity in Europe. Expect to see at least 30 cents per kW/hr if Ryan is still in office after the next election.

    There is a way to do something; DO NOT VOTE GREEN IN THE NEXT ELECTION. GET RID OR RYAN.

    As a reference €30 billion will buy and connect seven of the world’s newest and biggest nuclear power plants each capable of producing 1600MW with 90% average availability throughout the year (effectively 10,080MW installed) with a design lifetime of at least 60-years. The average availability of wind turbines in Ireland will be around 30%. 2000 wind turbines = 2000 x 2.5MW x 30% which translated to average availability throughout the year of 1500MW, and a design life of not more than 20-years. There are many known problems on wind turbines such as gearbox failures which cost €400,000 to replace (and that on a machine producing only 2 or 3 MW 30% of the time) and future issues such as blade failure due to fatigue. And huge money has to be spent on providing back-up for when the wind is not blowing, or blowing at the wrong time. In comparison nuclear units are extremely reliable; they can and have run for years without an interruption in production, even refuelling does not require the turbine to stop. France where 85% of the electricity is produced by nuclear units is the world’s biggest exporter of electricity and the unit price is the lowest in the western world at around 10 cents per W/hr (and this includes a big lump of special energy tax for the government). Also, while our electricity charges have been shooting-up, the price in France has been steady for years, it never changes!

    If you don’t fancy nuclear, try gas fired plants. 1500MW of gas fired power plant would cost less than €1.5 billion to construct (1/20th of the figure Ryan is spending on his green dream) or you could build the 5,000MW with a mix of base-load and some peaking units for €3.75 billion. Gas is now available in LPG form from all round the world in ever increasing quantities and on 20-year fixed price contracts. The gas can be extracted from the world’s huge reserves or coal or in some cases from shale gas fields. Check-out UCG (underground coal gasification) on Google

    Last time round, I voted for Ryan, what a mistake!

  39. Peter at 12:26 pm

    UNFIAR :::

    as the actuell bills are too high anyway …
    overpriced ….
    Joe Public 🙂 should save energy , as far as mighty industries .. but on a fair and correct calculated way …
    share holders and their office apes in white collar and with gold handicaps , shall not dictate energy costs …

  40. Stephen at 12:18 pm

    I think you people should grow up and start to see reality. This is the first time we have policy directed on proper planning for the future. Its why we have one of the most inefficient housing stock, crumbling water supply networks and an electricity grid which cannot cater for alternative supply sources .
    Local politics and short sightedness have restricted the tough decisions which have been required for the long term benenfit of everybody. We are staring down the barrel of a gun on a number of critical technical issue ,energy wastage,housing stock improvement and water supply problems , these are global issues that are surely to be the basis for future conflicts on a global scale.

  41. Noel Kennedy at 12:17 pm

    Bring on the next election BIG TIME

  42. patricia o sullivan at 12:15 pm

    again they take. its so unfair.not enough money to pay my bills as it is. its going to be a very cold winter

  43. Edward at 12:15 pm

    Everyday I hear the government asking the public to spend their money to keep the economy going, “help retailers stay in business”…At the same time the public are being hit with higher taxes, rising interest rates and an increase in utility bills all of which are eating away at our weekly income. My question is “Where will it end?”
    It seems, while the politicans earn an unjustified amount of money with expenses, the rest of the counrty doesn’t have a future.
    I think its time for the public to stand up and be counted, the only people who can change the situation is us!!!

  44. Paul Browne at 12:14 pm

    We are alas stuck with a situation not seen anywhere else. A party of self serving idelaist power hungry crooks supported by radical Greens hell bent on forcing through an idiotic idealogy that Ireland has some sort of imaginary energy crisis. FF will do anything to stay in power..the money is only part of it, the power for these middle aged fat cronies is and always has been the real prize. The Greens have the balance of power and can push through anything they wish under the program for government. They look like a group of residents association activists that got lucky. Ireland is a shambles and it will remain so due to the ignorance and the apathy of the average joe and josephine who value a trip to Ikea and watching X Factor over and above decency, fair play and the long term salvation and security of this little nation…..

  45. Lorraine Murphy at 12:03 pm

    We need another election, thats the only hope we have!!

  46. eamonn at 12:02 pm

    The greens are screwing the small man for as much as they can because this is their 1 and only chance when in power–green ideas must marry the economy.
    The esb is wasteful and the governmnet is wasteful, ah ha lets levy the working man who is already penialised and give the CEO of esb a big payoff and pension and waffle to the media in justifying everything

  47. Lorraine Murphy at 12:01 pm

    I think its an absolute disgrace, how much more can the Irish republic take of this!! How do they expect people to live if they keep adding levy’s to this and that!!! They are talking about people not spending and putting money into the economy..No wonder no one can spend like they used to!!

  48. Eamon O Dowd at 12:01 pm

    This new tax is only part of a range of taxes that will be in the next budget, so everyone hold your comments till then!

    One thought that struck me regarding the two top people in the government- Cowen and Lenihan – two solicitors. Unfortunately there are comparisons between these and the infamous Michael Lynn and Thomas Byrne !

  49. Geraldine Dunne at 12:00 pm

    It is downright disgraceful if the government allow this to happen. Ireland is gone to the dogs altogether and although it is my home country I see no reason to ever go back there as it is the genuine hard workers who are suffering at the hands of the idiots running the place! The people need to stand up to the government once and for all!

  50. Paul at 11:54 am

    The Green’s would want to shut up and get out of power just like the Finna Fail rats!!!

    Screwing the hard working people of the country to the point where I’m better off going on the dole and having my bills paid for by the state!!
    Pack of gob shi*es!!!

  51. Gerry at 11:51 am

    Of course it is not fair. Again the ordinary person has to pay for the “greens” grandoise schemes. More people are going to be cut off. Winter is coming and pensioners, people on social welfare and other vunerable families are going to struggle to pay their energy bills. As usual this government is not in touch with reality. The sooner we have an election the better.

  52. Conor O’Brien at 11:49 am

    Of course it’s not fair! The ESB showed massive net profits last year, welcome to Ireland where nothing has been learned – the rich get richer and the rest of us struggle on. Time for a revoloution? Absolutely, but will it happen? No way!

  53. Raymond at 11:49 am

    Absolutely not this is grossly unfair. The Irish government is screwing the Irish public on all fronts with all these ruthless stealth taxes. Tax payers and householders have had to foot bills for the bank bail out,pension are down, reduced incomes and now levy hikes on electricity and a proposed water charges ?. They are strangulating people in this country and people need to revolt and say we are not going to take this. why should property developers and bankers get away with murder ? Why pump billions in to a dead bank AKA Anglo Irish Bank?

  54. J MacAllister at 11:48 am

    No not fair, we pay over the odds as it is.

  55. Frankie at 11:47 am

    I do not understand this government anymore, I’m at my wits end and this new levy is an utter disgrace. Why are they constantly picking on the common man who is trying to make a living. The country is a complete an utter shambles and Brian Cowen and his cronies should be ashamed of themselves. If the things that are happening in this country were happening anywhere else there would be riots in the streets. Here, here for a revoution as they’ve pushed us well and truly over the edge.

  56. Adrian at 11:46 am

    Just another tax to make the Greens feel good.

  57. Audrey at 11:44 am

    Haven’t they taken enough off us already. Do they think we have bottomless pockets? This country is a disgrace and something needs to be done about it.

  58. Maria Kennedy at 11:41 am

    I think it is a disgrace that the ESB is allowed to add this charge to our bills. Again, Joe Public is being asked to pick up the tab for an ineffecient business. I am disgusted and hope that the government puts a stop to this.

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