New Self Build Blogger to the Property Lounge!

New Self Build Blogger to the Property Lounge!

Cottage Self Build Project Dromore West, Sligo Hi and welcome! Firstly I would like to thank for giving me the opportunity to share with you my knowledge and experience of self-building projects. I have recently purchased a small unoccupied cottage in Dromore West, Sligo and I intend to take you on a journey of the ups and down of the self-building process. This tale will take you though all the design, technical, and logistical issues that I will face while I renovate the cottage, self-building a carbon neutral extension and plant a kitchen garden.

Why Self-build?
People have many motivations to self-build. Some seek to save money while others seeking a challenge feeling an impulse to connect physically to their homes. Either way self-builders find immense satisfaction completing their project. Anyone can self-build, extreme self-builders choose to do everything from physical construction to project management. However, most self-builders focus on their innate skills and experience choosing to project manage other specialist or physical activities.

My Dromore West Self-build Tale
In 2007, after I completed the self-building of my current home in Inchicore, I got an “itch” to start a new project. As I am a keen surfer, I decided that I should pack up my weekend tent and find a site to build a new home.

Driving many roads, I eventually stumbled across a place that inspired me. A home near a river creak of dense forest with a small-unoccupied cottage nuzzled into the corner of a field. I new then as I know now this was site for my new project.

Enquiring locally, I approached the owner who last occupied the house and told him I love it and wanted to buy it. After a long courtship, we agreed a price subject to planning permission. One and a half years later after two planning applications and some legal issues were resolved I took possession of the site.

Every building is a prototype and I expect to face many challenging issues…. I hope you enjoy the development of this project and I am looking forward to the journey and sharing this experience with you.

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