Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Low Maintenance Garden IdeasLow maintenance gardening may be an elusive ‘Holy Grail’ for a lot of homeowners but for owners of smaller gardens, it might be a pre-requisite. However low maintenance does not necessarily mean boring, little or no planting or indeed that all planting must be ‘low growing’.

Raised Beds
Raised Beds are a very useful way to accommodate planting, without fear of accidental damage caused by children or pets. Raised Beds not only provide plant protection but also more accessible access to complete some modest tidying and also very useful informal seating areas.

Lawn Vs. paving and pebbles
The lawn area can be difficult and the traditional alternatives to natural lawns are paved areas or a combination of paving and ornamental stone pebbles/chippings. The maintenance requirements of pebbled areas is frequently underestimated and this can quickly lead to significant disappointment. Pebbles are every popular with young children and it is not unusual to find many pebbles scattered throughout the garden. Hard surfaces might be easy to maintain but are not comfortable seating areas.

Synthetic lawns? Are they for me?
A very good alternative is synthetic grass, choose grades and qualities carefully. Synthetic lawns are ideal solutions for owners requiring a carefree (zero maintenance) safe and pleasing surface ideal for children and/or pets all year round. Good ground preparation is essential and the final results are impressive. Sun proof, play proof and pet proof, apart from an occasional brushing to remove nay fallen leaf, there is no maintenance required. We all want to get more out of the garden, which is what synthetic grass is made to do every day.

Reduced time for garden maintenance and more time for enjoyment!

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