Live Rent Free: Winner of €15,000! Live Rent Free: Winner of €15,000!

The day has finally and one lucky person is about to win €15,000 from our Live Rent Free competition! Some of you have been following the competition for weeks and we can now tell you the votes have been counted and the results are in.

So who did you vote for?

The winning photo is Paul Kinsella’s entry entitled “My Home is my castle”…earning him the top prize of €15,000! Congratulations Paul! When the votes were tallied Paul’s entry received 3,109 votes just 139 votes ahead of second place and runner up Margaret Long with her photo of her dog with the caption “Shhhhh I’m sleeping, Cardio training can wait!!!” Spin FM DJ Ross O’Donohue’s photo of his girlfriend and her Dog ‘Toto’ came third with 2852 votes.

Here’s how the top 20 turned out.

Winner 3109 Votes

Second Place 2970 Votes Third Place 2852 Votes

Fourth Place 1163 Votes Fifth Place 833 Votes Sixth Place 746 Votes Seventh Place 745 Votes Eight Place 598 Votes

Ninth Place 528 Votes Tenth Place 428 Votes 11th Place 406 Votes 12th Place 388 Votes 13th Place 330 Votes

14th Place 293 Votes 15th Place 278 Votes 16th Place 263 Votes 17th Place 262 Votes 18th Place 261 Votes

19th Place 257 Votes 20th Place 162 Votes

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  1. Siobhan at 4:31 pm

    something very VERY fishy about the winning entry of the competition !! “My Home is my Castle” was in 18th place with 24 hours left to go in the competition…..and the 2 top photo’s were up there with in excess of 2700 votes each…..the winner was not even a fraction close to that….all of a sudden the winner is announced as Paul Kinsella with My Home is my castle …..Jumped from 18th place to 1st in less than 24 hrs !!! it wasn’t done with the help of facebook either as the entrant only has a 29 friends on facebook and the account was only opened recently !! please shed some light on this??? is the person even real, or was the competiton a complete marketing tool all round !! very very unfair if it was on all the entrents

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  3. Joan Barry at 10:11 am

    I have been voting for your picture (the little green kid) when ever i think of it (just voted there) your picture is the funniest alright IMHO but this might be down to who ever gets the most votes which can be false. Best of luck though!!

  4. Joan Barry at 11:42 pm

    I have been voting for the little green kid when i think of it (have just voted again). If the comp is run for the funniest picture you deserve it IMHO but it may be a popularity contest which could be a total waste of time……Best of luck though!

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  6. Denise at 3:25 pm

    i’ve had Ms sixteen years I am now 32, I have severe tremor on my full left side this is being treated quite well by a DBS implant (I still shake a bit). Anyway to get to the point I entered this competition on the page on facebook to hopefully win €15,000. With this money I would pay off some long overdue bills and the rest would go towards building me a trike adapted to my needs. I have always been into bikes but because of my illness I will never be able to ride one. I was wondering if you would forward my link to all your contacts and ask them to vote for my picture ? Not only would this make my dreams come true but trikes are very noticable on our roads and mine would definitely raise MS awareness.

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  8. Mary at 7:35 pm

    Please go to the top 50 and give us all a chance. xx

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  10. Gordon Egan at 12:20 pm

    Hi Joan,

    I am the father of the ‘little green’ kid. To see the full extent of the damage click on this link

    And never ever turn your back on a 3 year old 🙂

    If there are any neutrals reading this please vote for Hugh,


  11. mary at 3:21 pm

    Ah in fairness the kids and dog hardly put up the pictures themselves, so whoever took the pic will campaign! I really like the lads outside the house, very funny, and the one with the red shoes is very clever.

  12. Paul Kinsella at 8:59 am

    I could do alot with 1250 per month..

  13. Mary at 9:49 pm

    Check out all the finalist, not just the top 10. There are some really good entries.xx

  14. Joan Barry at 5:24 pm

    Some of these pics are hilarious! The dog and the two kids are at a little disadvatage cause they wont be on facebook. The little green kid is the funniest – someone ring the ISPCC haha

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