Garden Design Planting: Height with looks

Garden Design Planting: Height with looks

Garden Design Planting: Height with looksWhen designing any planting scheme you must take into account a varied and diverse range of influencing factors including the site, conditions, aspect, owner’s preferences, security, privacy etc… the list is endless!

People often think that complex and intricate planting schemes will deliver a superb and top appearance for their garden, however often enough it’s the simple designs comprising of a small number of mature and strikingly well developed plants that produce stunning results.

The above images are an example of such a scheme from a recent project and illustrates how the combined effect of simple geometric forms with height makes for an instant but bold impact. Mature Bay Laurel Standards with substantive heads and well developed girths that were under planted with Hydrangea macrophylla provided an imposing planting arrangement for this garden. The combination produced an attractive boundary with good screening attributes without impacting on light levels and a simple yet colourful effect at ground level. Overall the result was a harmonious combination of height with good looks.

Sometimes the challenge is to avoid complicated planting schemes and instead by keeping it simple but stimulating produces a more striking result.

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