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If your New Year’s resolution is to reorganise your home then the first step needs to be a review of your storage. One of the easiest, simplest and most cost effective ways of giving your home a revamp is to look at introducing some clutter busting solutions. Words: Natalia McCarthy

Before you begin

  • Clutter builds up gradually over time and beating it requires establishing new habits and household routines.
  • Creating a place for everything is the first step to living clutter free. Identify what needs to be stored and provide appropriate, conveniently located storage in each case.
  • Avoid shelves or drawers that are too deep so you don’t end up searching for items shoved at the back. Dividers are useful when deep drawers are unavoidable.
  • Make use of spaces that are currently devoid of purpose – an awkward space under the stairs could be made into a more effective cupboard by putting in some shelving.
  • Invest in fitted furniture, it might cost that bit more than the ready-made kind but it means you’re getting a tailor-made piece catering exactly to your specifications.

Room to breathe
Being able to truly relax in a cluttered living room is nigh on impossible. This communal space is not only for relaxing, but for entertaining guests and can double as an office space too so it’s essential to have lots of savvy storage.

Living Room Shelves

Seven tier media shelves, €71.50, Argos

  • An entertainment centre might seem like it takes up a lot of floor space, but the abundance of shelves means there’ll be a place for all those DVD’s, CD’s, video games and books while it’ll also keep unsightly wiring out of view.
  • Remember to incorporate storage into your living room so that it blends seamlessly with your decor and looks attractive as well as meeting its functional requirements.
  • Make good use of alcoves or that awkward gap either side of your chimney breast by lining them with shelves. Think vertically as well as horizontally, as towered storage units make better use of small spaces.
  • Not all storage solutions have to be large permanent fixtures: stackable storage units are a great space saving solution that not only look good but are also movable and versatile.
  • A footstool or pouffe with built-in storage like the EKTORP BROMMA for €99 from IKEA is a great way to keep your extra blankets, magazines or board games hidden but within easy reach.
  • The underused space just behind the couch is ideal for a narrow table to display plants, lamps, photo frames or flowers.
  • Instead of letting magazines pile up on your coffee table store them in a holder.

Duvet days
Your bedroom is a sanctuary; we spend nearly a third of our lives there so wherever you lay your head needs to feel like home, it’ll be a lot easier to sleep with any clutter or mess hidden away.

Hide and Chic: Hide and Chic

The ANEBODA bedroom range from IKEA

  • A king-size bed eats up 42 square feet of space, so under bed boxes mean your blankets or summer clothes can be kept dust-free while maximizing the space.
  • Built-in wardrobes are the ultimate in wardrobe organisation, hiding all your clutter behind sleek sliding doors. This is the next best thing to having a dedicated dressing room.
  • Drawer organisers are ideal for tidying ties, socks, underwear and other small items of clothing and accessories. They help you get the most out of the space in your drawers while also ensuring that all items are immediately accessible.
  • A clever and space-concious way of storing necklaces can be to hang them from pretty hooks – it’ll keep your favourites safe, untangled and makes accessorising in the morning stress-free.

Child’s play
Children’s rooms are usually small, often shared, and generally lack built-in storage. They’re home to an assortment of toys, clothes, books and school supplies so efficient storage is paramount. Everyday items like the child’s favourite toys need to be stored so that they’re accessible to the child removing the temptation to climb onto a chair or desk for access.

  • Under bed storage, shelving and modular units optimize space keeping your child’s room clutter-free.
  • Take into account durability and ease of cleaning when picking furniture for your child’s room.
  • A bright and colourful palette will add fun and personality.
  • Open shelving and translucent boxes allow children to see their toys easily; encourage them to store their own toys after playing with them by making it into a game.
  • Colourful hooks eliminate mess from the floor and add instant character to a room.
Put a load on

Large white storage baskets, €3.95 each, 44 litre laundry basket, €16.95, white baskets with handles, €7.95 each, Howards Storage World

Put a load on
The utility room frequently doubles up as a laundry room housing the washing machine and ironing board. But cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore!

  • Plenty shelving units or cabinets are essential in a utility room. Units placed over the washing machine make good use of an awkward space providing a easy-to-reach place for washing supplies.
  • Find everything easier by creating a home for them in easy to access storage containers.
  • Use a divided laundry cart with wheels to sort your laundry into items. This way the whole family can get into the habit of presorting clothes, meaning less work when it comes to putting on a wash.
  • A wall-mounted clothes horse is ideal for those rainy days for clothes that cannot be put in the dryer, or for an apartment where you cannot have a clothes line.

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