Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham, Dublin Part II

Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham, Dublin Part II

Garden Landscaping Project: RathfarnhamDue to the great, warm and dry weather of the past few days’ and to our delight, site clearance works are sufficiently advanced! Much of the disposable waste has also been removed from site, permitting the commencement of some preliminary construction works.

There was a request to keep the existing Garden shed so the new layout has it re-positioned to the very back of the garden and on a raised platform made from salvaged site rubble. The platform was also top-dressed with old stone chippings from the perimeter planted borders and the area was plate compacted to provide a secure base for the shed. A small retaining wall will also secure the platform as well as providing a planting pit for screening plants that will later help to conceal the shed. At the opposite end of the garden and near the house, the temporary wooden steps have been removed to facilitate excavation of the foundation trenches and completion of the foundations for the raised beds and integral access steps.

Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham

As we mentioned in our first post, there is no direct access to the garden area except through the house! Given this access constraint, every aspect of this project requires careful planning in order to achieve optimum work-flows, cost effectiveness and identifying the use of any potential viable waste materials before they are considered for disposal i.e. specified waste from the house renovation, as well as any other suitable waste were salvaged during site clearance / excavation works is being re-used. Suitable waste can be used very effectively as part of the sub-base for foundations and any hardcore back-filling. With the only access to the garden through the house, any and all suitable waste saves time, effort and most importantly helps to reduce construction and disposal costs.

With the garden shed repositioned and the first phase of the raised bed foundations completed, the construction of the raised bed walls and steps can now begin!

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