Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham, Dublin: Day 21

Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham, Dublin: Day 21

Garden Landscaping Project: RathfarnhamDay 21 starts with clear signs of a looming end to the glorious sunny weather that was a great help to our work. Cooler wetter weather had been forecasted, which thankfully did not arrive before we managed to complete our project!

Although the immediate garden elements are quite similar to what one would encounter in any typical urban garden of similar size and vintage, the height difference in excess of 1000mm between exit point and ground/lawn level is much less common. The design of the step profile was an early factor / feature requested in the design phase. We had to ensure in our design that the steps would ideally expand and become an integral feature of the paved elements at the house but also be safe and practical.
To protect against any accidental falls, raised planting beds were incorporated to flank the steps on both sides. Sweeping curves were used to define the pathway which linked the house a to family patio area located at opposite end of garden for evening sun enjoyment.

Garden Landscaping Project: Rathfarnham

The wall cladding made a substantive difference to improving the boundary and concealing an otherwise drab block wall. The choice of colour and painting of the cladding makes for a very dramatic and stylish backdrop. A similar colour was also chosen to paint the garden shed, which with the new look makes the shed a much more discreet element at the rear of the garden.
Although some of the original trees and shrubs were retained, most of the older overgrown planting was removed and replaced by a wide selection of primarily low growing evergreen shrubs and complemented by a wide range of herbaceous perennials.

This garden project was challenging from the outset and more so because of the absence of any side access – however the results indicate that with careful planning and execution, even sites with difficult restrictions can be overcome and a new and beautiful garden can be designed and landscaped.

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