Property Tax & Water Charges: Can we afford to pay any more tax?

Property Tax & Water Charges: Can we afford to pay any more tax?

Can we afford to pay any more tax?After nearly two years of talking about the possible introduction of a property tax and a water charge the Government announced this week that all householders will be hit with the two new charges beginning next year as agreed as part of the EU IMF bailout.

However, the Government is not yet “sufficiently advanced with proposals” to implement either a site valuation for each home or have meters fitted before the charges are to be introduced next year and therefore interim flat-rate charges will be introduced.

Until such time as meters are installed in 2013 the proposed water charge is estimated to cost ‘around’ €175 per annum. According to a number of international studies, 16 per cent less water is used when metered. They are, however, more expensive to introduce and to install them in 1.2 million houses and apartments and is expected to cost about €500 million. There’s no information yet on what the property charge will be, though the rate set in 2012 will be increased in 2013.

One could also speculate that renters will not escape these new taxes either as any new charges or expense imposed on a landlord will more than likely be passed onto the tenant through the form of increased rent rates.

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  • Property Tax & Water Charges: Can we afford to pay more taxes?
  • Do you resent paying new taxes that are only being imposed as a result of the IMF/EU bailout for our banks?
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  1. Pauline at 10:50 am

    Of course it isn’t fair, but there is no choice. We had it easy for years, no water charges, property tax etc. I have paid property tax, since it was introduced, as I was away for years, along with many others who choose to work overseas or UK, as we were unable to find work here.
    The UK has council tax, water charges and if you live in an apartment block you have Service Charges and Ground Rent too!
    It’s time to have some peaceful demostrations, but I guess it will not happen, just lots of whingeing instead.

  2. sue kelly at 11:40 pm

    Of course i disagree with paying more tax, after being made jump through hoops for a mortgage (and thank god not a massive one)paying high interest rates. Paying over inflated tradesmen prices and then usc on top of prsi and pension contributions, along with moretariums in public sector. Why on earth we should be paying anymore is beyond me as citiziens of the country we should have a right to say no and to force government to default on bail out-it’s the only way forward-75 other countries can’t all be wrong

  3. Kevin at 10:01 pm

    The last government in a deal with the IMF committed us to the introduction of water charges and a property tax, so whether we can afford them or not is immaterial, we’ve already agreed to their introduction. If the new government wants to change that commitment to the IMF then they’ll have to implement other tax increases/cuts to bring in the same money(possibly €1bn+) or else the IMF will stop providing the cash to pay for public service wages and social welfare or we’ll need to balance the budget immediately which means 18bn in cuts or tax increases.

  4. Eileen Mc Grath at 7:58 pm

    I am totaly against the Water And Property charges
    As we dont have a proper water was to be
    sorted a long time ago.and as yet nothing has been
    done to improve the Quality of the water.Why waste
    all this money when there is other options out
    there to be Explored.Wake up Goverement and dont make
    the mistakes thet the Previous Goverment did.
    Hoping this will get sorted

  5. Bernard Keogh at 5:49 pm

    Why don,t they just take the whole wage packet and be done with it.Why don,t we stick together and say no,we have had enough.

  6. SH at 10:54 pm

    It is very bad to know that the goverment is planning for water bill and property tax.It is another big burden for the people who are not able to pay the mortgage and still on unemployment benefits. The government should reconsider this decision.

  7. daire at 10:18 pm

    fu*k you and your water charges i wont be payin it

  8. Meri at 11:51 am

    I wouldn’t buy another property in Ireland because it is one BIG RIP OFF! I am investing my money elsewhere… It’s such a shame that things are going this way as it is my home country but I am slowly losing the fondess I have always held for it! It is not the same place anymore…

  9. T Hegarty at 11:05 am


    Of course its an absolute disgace, that these taxes are being introduced. Me for one did not vote for this coalition government! Also are usual we Irish people as a nation, will crip and moan! Instead of taking to the streets to protest against these charges. And I am taking about peaceful organized marches. But as usual they will be brought in and of course will continue to rise each year, because we as a nation are to laid back to do anything, even to have a peaceful demonstration! There will be alot moaning and anger from people including myself and all this is just to bail out the banks etc, and that will be it!

    Thank You

    T Hegarty

  10. chris ronan at 10:12 am

    ill go to jail no no no i wont pay any more on my house tax

  11. Molly Curtin at 9:25 am

    I agree with a HUGE property tax for Bank buildings – now that would be a good way to get some of our money back.

  12. Kylie at 6:52 am

    In Australia our water has for my lifetime and then some, been metered. It never occurred to me that there would be countries that didn’t pay for their water unless the water was collected by a rainwater tank. Water is the most important commodity we have.

  13. Gerryu at 5:19 am

    Enough is Enough….!!….!!!We pay tax on building materials…21%….we pay wage taxes on people who build our homes….we pay alleged service charges for new homes…close on 10,000euro to local authorities..who service little….who force us to build concrete/cement homes which benefit oil companies….(ie try building a wood house and see the planning red tape that starts to arise.) They have their cronies put up grotesque wind mills that cost more to produce than the energy they actually produce…becos they get grant money for investment. lada-lada-lada. Time to regain our SOVERIGN RIGHTS!
    check freemen of ireland website….get educated…passive revolution rocks!

  14. John-Mark McCafferty at 9:35 pm

    The Republic is a low tax country. we are almost unique in Europe for not having either water charges or a property / site value tax. Indeed, not having a robust property related tax during the years of profligacy directly lead to the catastrophic collapse of both house prices and exchequer revenues. The tax payers of countries like Germany and the Netherlands are currently bailing us out because we feel, for some perverse reason, like we are too special to part with our cash in the form of a broader tax base. It’s high time Irish people grew out of their adolescence and woke up to the fact that you can’t pay American level taxes while expecting European (civilised) public services and supports. Roll on a fair, proportionate property tax based on a combination of zoned site value and the household’s ability to pay. And yes to better resourced local government to provide the local services we need.

  15. Tracey at 9:28 pm

    I resent having to pay extra taxes because the banks got us into trouble. Why can’t the people who ran away from here pay the tax and leave us to get on with the expense of living

  16. john geraghty at 8:43 pm

    there is only so much people have.
    politicians hyave no idea how hard it is for
    us to get by.we’re borrowing money to give all kinds
    undesirables,its mad.there giving childrens allowance
    to children domiciled in other countries,at least give it at the rate applying in those countries,we’re broke.

  17. alison at 5:39 pm

    not paying any tax and neither will all the people who bought property at the height of the boom and paid 31,ooo stamp duty I am afraid me and lots of others will legally challenge the govt first .they just dont know where to get off .tax ie usc no promised relief for homeowners ,reduced pay and interest hikes on mortgages incresed utility bills and carbon taxes .take a hike and this will be the straw that broke the camels back!!!!Just wait and see these guys are pisstakers.

  18. Liza at 5:10 pm

    No more. We’ve had enough. We have no more to give. Huge mortgage, lost job due to banking implosion, pay cut for hubby, extra taxes already, fuel prices sky rocketing. Effectively bankrupt just like the exchequer. Need to see major cuts in public sector pay for anyone earning over 50k. Those in power should try living on €188 a week to get a real wake-up call. Maybe then they might actually cop on that those on the lowest rung of the ladder have no further to fall.

  19. tina at 5:02 pm

    i definitely disagree with the general population being hit by yet more charges/taxes to bail the country out of this financial mess that was created by the fools in government.

  20. billybruce at 4:32 pm

    There is too little information to make an informed opinion. How much will the charge be. How much water will you be allowed ‘free’. Will it open the floodgates and the charge become a target for (large) increases every year, as happens in the UK often. Will it fall to the tax payer to pay (as usual) for everyone who can’t afford to pay, or those who feel that the law is for everyone but themselves and refuse to pay (the ‘I’d rather go to prison’ brigade’). I heard ridiculous comments on Joe Duffy from peope complaining because they had fish tanks and garden ponds (big ones) and big gardens that need watering. These arguments make a serious topic a joke. So all I can say is – I don’t know until I have more information.

  21. Concepta Mc Phillips at 3:50 pm

    I think this country is a disgrace, Im 32 years old, with a mortgage & just about 2 finish college with NO job prospects either. How am i suppose to pay property tax & water charges??. TAKE ME TO COURT, COZ I DON’T HAVE IT. I think that most of the government should be lined up against a wall and SHOT. I hate this country but unfortunately i have no choice but stay.

  22. Michael Murray at 12:23 pm

    Enough is enough, how are we expected to survive this
    mortgages on properties now worth less than half what we paid for them, its time for rebellion NOT just talking about it on bar stools!!!!

  23. Pako at 12:22 pm

    Yeah I resent this, considering I have never bought property, or played that game when the boom was on. I take it if I was a member of the travelling community would I be exempt from all these charges?

  24. Joe Doyle at 12:15 pm

    Having 4 children we use more water than the average 2 + 2 family. Having 4 children is expensive and this metered charge will hurt us greatly. I understand there needs to be a charge but a flat charge of about €10 every 2 months would be affordable and would save the government Millions in getting meters fitted to thousands of homes.

  25. Aidan Lambe at 12:13 pm

    I can understand having to pay for water charges however I resnt having to pay where one has to reside.

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