€5 million to be provided to deal with Ghost Estates

€5 million to be provided to deal with Ghost Estates

Ghost EstatesA report release yesterday, entitled “Resolving Ireland’s Unfinished Housing Estates” found that some 23,250 dwellings in the state were completed and vacant, and almost another 10,000 were near complete. Of these, 230 developments have effectively been abandoned, where the developer or site owner is not contactable, where no receiver has been appointed and where there are “significant planning, building control compliance and public safety issues to be addressed”. If receivers were appointed the banks would be legally responsible for clearing up the mess. Banks across the board have been blamed for refusing to address the problem.

Speaking at the launch of the report Minister for Housing and Planning Willie Penrose said a national co-ordination committee to manage work on ghost estates will be established in the next two weeks. He is to chair the committee himself to ensure work is carried out and will also introduce legislation to give powers to local authorities to take over estates where work is not being completed. He said the option of doing nothing with unfinished estates was “untenable” and “If there is any reluctance or tardiness or delay or obfuscation, or procrastination they will be hit with the Derelict Sites Act and other legislation where required.” he added.

Already some €1.5m has been allocated to 10 local authorities to complete basic safety works such as filling trenches, fencing-off building sites and installing manhole covers. Another €3.5m will be paid out over the coming months.

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  • Should we provide funds to make safe Ghost Estates that have been abandoned by developers?
  • Should Banks and Developers take responsibility for these derelict sites?
  • What should be done with the 33,250 vacant properties?

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  1. Caoimhe Carty at 5:45 pm

    Knock them down, make them safe for kids to play or more green area as the sits out there are a danger to people and they seem to be a place that has alot of rushbish. I dont think that these places that are half done should be finished as they have been exposed to the weather whijch I am sure in turn has caused damage in one form or another so if they were finished I think it will cast more in the long run to repare than the money some places might get. I dont think that the places that are out there will be sold as to get a loan off a bank is something that is not an easy task so thoes of us out there that might be able gto get a mortgage to get are own place wont want to spend money on a place that will be full of not so nice people or to be in area that will cas problems that will need repare.

  2. Steve at 8:41 pm

    I would like to see Oldbridge Station in Sallins finished off or at least tidied up. The builder has left residents living on a building site with waste ground and building debris and machinery surround by steel fencing and haording. It is extremely unsightly and dusty and the roads have not even had the final surface. It’s disgraceful when they took everyone’s hard money at the height of the boom!!

  3. Sean at 8:50 am

    The houses should be finished. Ireland needs to think about growth, in 1742 the population of Ireland was 50% of England/Scotland/Wales. In the next 100 years will the population reach the level it was 150 years ago? The state has failed it’s people, growth needs to benefit a whole society, not just an elite. At present a republic in name but not in actions.

  4. angel at 8:29 pm

    were trying to buy a unfinished build for the asking price in ireland and have stable money coming in but the banks wont give mortgages. its a vicious circle….

  5. Paddy the Irishman at 8:16 pm

    Give them to me

  6. corrman at 7:32 pm

    Willie has a point certain properties they could be a Health Hazard.
    It has been said before: what a SCANDAL!!
    FIND those responsible and make them PAY.

  7. corrman at 7:29 pm

    Take them over and let them to the Homeless.

  8. willie at 4:08 pm

    Knock them down.Half built ones are exposed to the elements and weathered internally anyway,particularly the frame built houses.
    They will never be the same even if finished.

  9. rory mccarthy at 3:04 pm

    These estates should all be knocked down. There is no housing shortage despite what local councillors may say. As long as there is an oversupply the market will never return to normal. If they are not demolished quickly and sites returned to green fields, we will have eyesores on the fringes of every country town further damaging our landscape, towns and villages, destroying local pride and making it damn hard to attract visitors and give them a good experience – do we really want to be the land of derelict buildings and no-hopers?

  10. Paul at 3:03 pm

    I agree with Colette she is dead right there is not enough social housing and ppl are screaming out for help in bad rented accommodation that is costing us All a bomb what with rent allowance etc .

    This way at least some ppl will get a decent home and it will give work to many others to finish the work off at a low cost to the government compared to what it will cost councils to build from scratch.
    Knocking them will be a huge waste and will cost as much to do that as it will to complete them .

  11. Colette at 1:54 pm

    The houses near completion should be finished and used for all the people on housing waiting lists with the councils
    Any remaining property should be auctioned to the highest bidder (No reserve ) and funds put into the the areas which have had funding cuts

  12. Niall O Connor at 1:48 pm

    I think there should be money provided to complete these ghost estates and they could be used to provide social housing for the thousands waiting for suitable accomidation .

  13. Doreen Calderwood at 1:22 pm

    How about using some of them as sheltered accommodation for older people or people with support needs. With on-call caretaker/support worker accommodation and intercom system integrated, disabled adapted as neccessary, etc. Would be cost-effective solution for all those people inadequately/inappropriately housed with support needs.

  14. john geraghty at 1:21 pm

    yes,provide the money to make the sites safe

    the banks should be made pay.

    we still have a housing shortage,people waiting for local authority to house them.use them ,but at little or no cost to the taxpayer.if thats not a runner,knock them down and make the sites useful ,graveyards,sports fields,allotments etc.

  15. Paddy tax payer at 12:43 pm

    All ghost estate housing should be auctioned off to the highest bidder with no reserve. Buyers must complete and sell or remove all housing by an agreed date otherwise completion/demolition and land restoration costs will be deducted from a substantial bond that has been placed with the local authority by the new developer.
    There’s your answer!

  16. Neil Reid at 12:41 pm

    They should spend the €5ml knocking the estates back to a green field and not bother to finish them. We already have a surplus of properties and a banking system that won’t release money anyway.

    €5ml for a “finished Ghost Estate” that no one can actually buy in anyway seems like a shocking waste of money to me!!

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