How to Wire a Standard Plug


How to Wire a Standard Plug?Please read the following instructions carefully.  Be sure to check for any special requirements before you fit a plug to any appliance.

The first thing you need to do is remove the cover of the plug.  This is done by unscrewing the screw between the pins.  When you remove the casing you will see three terminals, a fuse in a holder and a grip for securing the flex in the plug.

Loosen the screws holding the flex grip in place.  The next step is to measure your flex against the plug.  You will need to strip the outer covering of the flex back to where it reaches the grip.

When you have stripped the outer covering of the flex three separate coloured wires, known as conductors, will be exposed.  It is essential that you understand the nature of each of these wires or conductors. They are colour coded in order that you can determine the nature of each conductor.

  • Brown = Live
  • Blue = Neutral
  • Yellow / Green = Earth
  1. Make sure that you cut the conductors so that they are long enough to reach each terminal.
  2. Now you need to strip about a half an inch of the outer covering off each conductor.
  3. When you strip back the outer covering from each conductor there will be exposed wire.  Twist the exposed wire together between your finger and thumb making sure that there are no loose strands.
  4. The next step is to connect each conductor to the relevant terminal.  The brown conductor needs to be connected to the terminal marked L or LIVE.  The blue conductor needs to be connected to the terminal marked N or Neutral and the Yellow/Green conductor needs to be connected to the terminal marked EARTH.
  5. Wrap each conductor wire around the correct terminal and tighten the screws firmly. Make sure that you have not placed any of the outer covering under the terminals… Some plugs have terminals known as pillar terminals.  When fitting conductors in these plugs,  double the exposed conductor wire back on itself for about 6mm and insert it fully into the appropriate terminal, securing it with a screw.
  6. Tighten the flex grip back into place and replace the plug covering.
  7. Some appliances may require different fuses than the standard 13amp fuse supplied with most plugs.  Make sure that you fully check the appliance instructions with regard to the required fuse.

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