Your home can make you money without the need to sell

Your home can make you money without the need to sell

Cabinteely House is one example of a property that has been used in films recently but all shapes and sizes of homes are sought after

Wouldn’t it be great if your home could make money for you without you having to sell it?

Now it can.

Thousands of Irish homeowners have been registering their properties as potential film and advertising locations in the last few years, according to Irish Film Board deputy film commissioner Mags O’Sullivan, with the range of houses growing all the time.

Mags said: “We’re getting every type of home, from very basic two-up, two-downs and suburban three-bed semis to former boarding schools and old castles. We’re also getting a huge number of holiday homes with coastal views, which we never got in previous years.”

According to O’Sullivan, local authorities have even been getting in on the act with Cabinteely House used recently as a film location for Albert Nobbs.

Some homeowners have earned fees from between €750 and €1,000 per day

To get involved register your home for free with the Locations Department of the Irish Film Board. Forms can be download on their site and need to be returned with a disc containing six photos of your property.

Homes can also be used for fashion and interior design photoshoots with fees of between €150 and €350 per day being paid. are one such group who pay for this service so if you’d like your home to make some money why not register it now.

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