Dublin City Council on the lookout for vacant building for artists

Dublin City Council on the lookout for vacant building for artists

Vacant buildings in Dublin City can be used to facilitate artists

Dublin City Council has called on owners of vacant properties in the city to put their empty buildings on a register of suitable vacant spaces for individuals and organisations who require space for creative, cultural, and craft uses to rent for one to six months.

The city council will facilitate the Register of Property Owners and Artists, which will allow interested parties to contact each other directly to work out the details. The city council said in a statement that temporary use of vacant space offers a range of benefits to both property owners and space users.

“It animates “To Let” units currently vacant thereby increasing the unit’s potential to prospective tenants and attracts people to the site, increasing exposure and interest,” it said.

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  1. owen at 5:15 pm

    Is this a spoof? DCC on the look out for vacant premises for creatives and improve the rental prospects for site owners? Surely a hypocritical when one considers the rampaging damage inflicted on by penal Council rates on business owners forcing more and more to close shop.

    More proof of Councils living in an unreal fantasy world.

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