Government under fire for €10 handling charge for second homes tax

Government under fire for €10 handling charge for second homes tax

The government came under further fire last night after announcing a €10 penalty for those who don’t pay the second home (NPPR) charge online.

Under the new rules, those who opt to pay the €200 property tax at a local authority office instead of online, will now pay a €10 handling fee.

The tax, entering its third year, must be paid by June 30th by anyone who owns a second property. More than 300,000 were forced to pay the charge last year.

The latest moves comes at a time when the government is already being heavily criticised over payment methods for the new €100 household charge, which almost 1.2 million homeowners have yet to register despite the deadline for payment being this Saturday.

They have also been criticised over suggestions that they may ask local authority workers to go door to door to collect payments from those who do not pay.

As of 5pm yesterday, just 363,478 had paid the charge – a rise of just 35,277 since Friday.

Another 25,000 postal applications are understood to have been received but not yet processed but even so, the government would now need almost a quarter of a million householders a day to register before Saturday’s deadline in order to hit their 1.6 million target.

The government are urging everyone to comply by paying and insist that households will be given just two warnings – one verbal, followed by a written warning – before legal action is taken.

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  1. helga at 2:25 pm

    as a homeowner i wanted to sell my 3 bed home and downsize, i let my home for 1 year to move to a one bed apartment to see if i could adjust to apartment living, having never let my home before i got myself a estate agent to advise me of the legalities of letting my home, paid ber paid prtb and letting fees as suggested by agent, i thought i was in good hands, imagine my surprise when i received a letter from NPPR telling me i owed money and penalties 18 months later, at this stage i am back in my home and it is on the market to sell with the same agent. I contacted agent about same and was clearly told as a landlord i should have been aware of this 200 euro charge, i explained i was only a landlord through her guidance……….. my question is should the agent have informed me of this charge, as i thought it was a second home charge (owner of second property) HELP

  2. MICKEY MOUSE at 12:47 pm

    They can warn away I won’t be paying ,lost all my life savings to property,now in negitive EQ,paid my stamp duty,I have lost enough so Phil Hogan you can shove it up your ARSE.

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