Check out what's on view with

Check out what's on view with recently relaunched its Property On View guide, providing you with regular updates on which properties are available for open viewings on a weekly basis.

This new service has proved a hit with potential buyers and estate agents alike. Since its relaunch our Property On View section has seen traffic increase by over 4000%, while enquiries to agents has also increased.

The new section has also helped those selling property, with numerous agents reporting large turn-outs to their viewings in recent weeks. One agent had over 200 visitors to six properties recently, while last week there was a queue of over 60 people to visit the Crosbie’s Yard apartments in Dublin.

More and more agents are also returning to open viewings as a way of attracting people to look at their properties and while up until now the section has been largely Dublin dominated, this week it features properties from as far afield as Roscommon and Cork. is the only property website in Ireland to offer you a comprehensive guide to all the on view listings in the country and with new viewings being added on a daily basis, you’ll never miss out on seeing the homes you want if you keep an eye on

This week we’d like to get your opinion on open viewings.

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  1. Debbie at 11:35 am

    I think open viewings are a great idea as it gives you an opportunity to view a property without feeling any pressure and then you can then contact the agent again and take it from there if seriously interested. I don’t think your privacy etc is compromised as it’s just an initial viewing.

  2. Fionnuala Crehan at 8:28 pm

    Its good to go to open viewings as you dont feel too tense but you have to have a private view too so you can get a better feel of the house and space as not as meny people around and can relax second time round and concentrate.

  3. Maire Roche at 9:53 pm


    Thanks for sending me this. It might be good to have the option of open viewings but then maybe not enouh people might turn up. Maybe nbot everyone
    that would be there would be a genuine interested person.


  4. desmond at 2:30 pm

    if any properties houses that is come up shortly around phibsboro around ioo thousand mark 2 bedrooms let me have a list yours desmond

  5. Aniko at 11:34 am

    Open viewing in my opinion is a terrible idea.
    This is a private business negotiation and as such, you need to have the opportunity to assess your options, ask questions, and negotiate.
    With open viewing you are under pressure to make an investment decision on the spot, which is risky. Especially given the quality of developments. So for me it’s a 100% no.

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