Almost 1,000 properties a day still registering for household charge

Almost 1,000 properties a day still registering for household charge

People are continuing to pay the household charge despite the deadline having passed several weeks ago

Almost 1,000 properties a day are still being registered for the household charge, new figures have revealed.

People had until March 31st to pay the €100 charge or face a fine. However, despite that deadline having passed, many more are continuing to sign up.

A total of 805,569 had paid the charge by the deadline but the latest figures show that 933,308 have now registered – up 6,047 on the previous week’s figure of 927,261.

It has also been revealed that the number of properties that have registered for a waiver has now passed the 15,000 mark.

The controversial household charge is expected to be replaced by a property tax next year with an expert group set to report back on their recommendations by the end of the month.

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  1. MICKEY MOUSE at 12:41 pm

    53% of households in Dublin hav’nt paid the charges,70% in Donegal hav’nt paid the biggest non payment in the country’ so stop the spin Phil.

  2. mary goretti pettitt at 11:43 am

    Believe you me this is the first stage of a property to be put in place for ever. You do yourselves no favours those people who are complying and paying the 100 Euros. They will be back knocking on your wage/benefits packet before you know it. I live in england. Weearn working class wages and we have to fork out 16 hundred pounds a year. ( Roughly £155 per month) Its a nightmare to get the money together. Have some back bone. Dont pe frightend or put off by enpowering yourselves with a no when it comes to this one. If you dont stand together now there will follow other sly ways of weedling you out of your hard earned cash. Trust me. Mary

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