Over 2,000 unfinished housing developments in Ireland

Over 2,000 unfinished housing developments in Ireland

One of Ireland's 2,066 unfinished housing developments

There are 2,066 unfinished housing developments around Ireland, according to a new report.

The report into Ireland’s ghost estate problem has revealed that local authorities have developed site resolution plans for 770 developments. 211 of these have already been completed and a further 523 are currently being resolved.

The news of the staggering number of unfinished housing developments comes just after an estate in Dundalk was put on the market for €2.95 million and before the auction of an estate in Kerry in tomorrow’s Allsop auction and one in Carlow by DNG next Wednesday.

Speaking on the matter this morning, Housing Minister Jan O’Sullivan said that the estates are being categorised by authorities who were taking action to make them liveable.

She said in a small number of cases where developments, or part of developments are not viable, they may have to be demolished.

Minister O’Sullivan said safety was being prioritised, with over €3m spent on improving living conditions for residents in 128 developments.

NAMA is funding remedial work in 29 developments now under its ownership, and is examining a further 137 sites.

The Health and Safety Authority is involved on 20 sites to ensure developers are complying with safety legislation.

On the issue of who owns the ghost estates now, the Minister said there were many different owners.

“In some cases they have been taken over by NAMA, or part of them have been taken over by NAMA. In some cases there are receivers. In some cases the developers are still active, but maybe not very active. And in some cases the issues have been resolved and the local authority has taken over.

“So it’s an ongoing process. It’s obviously a legacy issue from the collapse of the Celtic Tiger but it’s one we are working on very attentively, and with a lot of co-operation from the local authorities.”

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