Deadline for €5 septic tank registration charge is approaching

Deadline for €5 septic tank registration charge is approaching

Septic tank owners have until Friday week, September 28th, to register their tank for just €5, before the price increases to €50.

The registration fee must be paid by February 1st 2013 but is available at a discounted rate until September 28th.

Registrations opened on June 26th with the fees stemming from the finding by the European Commission in 2009 that Ireland had failed to meet its obligations under a number of directives to enforce particular standards in the emissions of human waste.

This brought about the introduction of the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012, which brought in the new registration and inspection system for septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems in Ireland.

Registrations will be valid for five years and there will be no charge for re-registration.

Revenue raised from the registrations will be used by the water services authorities to manage the systems and to meet the cost of carrying out inspections.

Failure to register by February 1st next year is an offence and carries a maximum fine of €5,000.

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