Landscaping on a sloping site

Landscaping on a sloping site

Our current project which is located in Sandyford has lived up to the challenges which one would encounter in many parts of this famous southern Dublin suburb, with its many hilly areas and an extensive area of granite bedrock. Still, sloping sites do offer lots of potential to create wonderful gardens, although is more difficult and more challenging during the construction stage.

Much of hard landscaping (walls, patios and pathways) is now nearing an end and with much of the paved elements completed, the new garden is clearly emerging from what has been for much time a building site.

Glimpses from various angles create intrigue and wonder and whilst attention will soon switch to the planting elements, there is a considerable amount of work to be done in preparing the site for a new lawn. A 5 tonne excavator was required in to remove much of the surface granite and with old scrub removed one can now begin grading ground to get a more balanced and level looking finish to the soil area. Heavy duty work completed, the ground can be cleaned, raked and made ready for seeding.

As the sandstone pathway turns the corner, front entrance is now in view

Construction of main entrance step in sandstone

I can feel the earth move as stubborn granite boulders resist extraction

As area is cleared the potential for a new lawn is clearly visible

Rear view glimpses of the new patio areas taking shape

The layout of the hardscaping areas does grab the attention

An abled man with the right machine is well capable of re-shaping ground

Using line marker spray is ideal for mapping out proposed construction

Main access steps leading to garden near completion

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