Raised sandstone patio landscaping Cabinteely

Raised sandstone patio landscaping Cabinteely

Inter-connecting circular patio and lawn spaces

Raised patio and raised lawn areas create impact with their simple yet very distinctive forms within the garden.

On sloping sites, simple distinctive forms can also help to reduce the visually dominating effect sometimes caused by sloping ground. In contrast to the sloping aspects, a well defined geometric shape can create a sense of calm and balance to create an overall much more pleasing and certainly usable space.

To help reduce the prominence of the raised profile and/or to create a subtle visual break and often useful safety feature, it is well worth considering incorporating a planted area along the perimeter of the raised patio. Raised areas very often require steps, which can be constructed in a variety of shapes, sometimes the simpler more discreet integrated steps look best, maintaining the prevailing consistency of form and line.

Raised patio in which sweeping form meets linear line

Form and textures of patio and lawn spaces create a new balance

The eye is naturally drawn to the attractiveness of a curvolinear layout

The simple but obvious contemporary appeal of grey sandstone patio paving

Grey sandstone setts define the lawn edging

Compact planting along perimter creates an attractive softening effect

The border edges contrast nicely with the rustic path and herbaceous planting

The rustic driveway is well defined by the more linear granite kerbing

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