Not everyone will receive letters about property tax

Not everyone will receive letters about property tax

Letters with details of the property tax will be sent to homeowners from next week but those who use the Revenue Commissioners’ Online Service (ROS) won’t be sent one.

Instead they will have to check their email for notification to visit their online revenue account.

However, according to The Irish Independent consumer groups have warned that failing to send postal letters to everyone risked turning the administration of the new tax into a “shambles”.

Around 1.6 million homeowners will be liable for the new property tax, which comes into force in July. Letters will be sent out from Monday, except for those who are registered with ROS.

“Revenue will send property tax letters electronically to those who are already obliged to submit returns for other taxes electronically,” a spokeswoman for the tax authority told the Irish Independent. She insisted it would not make sense to require people to file tax returns electroncially and to also write a letter to them.

Consumers Association chairman Michael Kilcoyne said it was a mistake not to send postal letters to every homeowner due to pay the tax, as this would only add to confusion about the tax.

“This will turn into a shambles if everyone who is due to get a letter does not get one.”

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