Granite bird bath on a pedestal

Granite bird bath on a pedestal

The distinctive but elegant natural granite bird bath is made from solid granite to withstand exposure to all weather conditions. Beautifully finished and crafted by hand, it will not crack, fade or erode. Also included in the package are two beautiful granite doves which can be simply positioned anywhere on rim area. In exposed sites, it is recommended that the doves be secured (adhesive not included).

An elegant and simple design form, this stunning granite bird bath has been carefully made to produce a beautiful and long lasting feature for the garden as well as being an invaluable source of fresh water and bathing for birds. Because granite is incredibly strong and hardwearing, it will require little more than minimal maintenance.

Adding a bird bath will increase the number and variety of birds visiting the garden. Birds require a safe and clean source of water throughout the year. Washing feathers is a regular requirement, even during winter and birds also require a safe source for fresh drinking water during the summer months. Ideally bird baths should be positioned in garden areas which enjoy afternoon shade,  helping to keep the water cool and fresh. Ensure that the location offers protection from any surprise attacks by potential predators.

A well maintained bird bath is irresistible to wild birds. Investing in a traditional and quality granite bird bath ensures a lifetime of funfilled awe and excitement in the garden.

Dimensions: 65cm (height) x 50cm (diameter)

Price: € 348.00 (GARDENSTUDIO)

Granite Bird Baths are available from our GARDENSTUDIO in Terenure. For more product information or to visit GARDENSTUDIO, contact us today on 087-2306 128.

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    Granite stone bird baths is best option for garden. It will attract the wild birds and also good source of drinking a water. Thanks for the post!

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