Almost 65,000 calls made to property tax helpline

Almost 65,000 calls made to property tax helpline

A total of 64,294 calls were made to the helpline set up to answer queries on the upcoming property tax between March 7th and April 4th.

Information released by the Revenue Commissioners also shows that the greatest number of calls received in one day was 9,612, on Thursday April 4th, but that it was an exceptionally above-average day.

The office distributed about 1.2 million letters to houses across Ireland in order to provide information regarding the property tax during the same period, according to a spokeswoman.

“Sixty-four thousand enquiries is not a large number,” she said. “LPT is a new tax and it was to be expected that there would be considerable public interest and enquiries regarding the operation of the tax, and we have prepared for that.”

Despite reported widespread confusion in relation to the tax, the spokeswoman said it is not likely that there will be any change of deadline.

Householders filing paper returns to the Revenue must do so by May 7th and those filing online by May 28th.

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