Hogan warns that household charge payments must be made

Hogan warns that household charge payments must be made

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has reiterated his stance that the one in four homeowners yet to pay the household charge will be “pursued”.

He also said they would be liable for double the original €100 fee for failing to pay by the March 2012 deadline.

Minister Hogan thanked the 76% of householders who had paid to date and encouraged the others to follow suit.

“The 24% that haven’t paid need to pay, it is the law and they will be pursued,” he said.

The Revenue Commissioners are set to take over the handling of the household charge and will include it in their pursuit of property tax payments.

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  1. Pat at 2:19 pm

    I own 2 properties. On the information leaflet I was informed that I could pay by cash. I have now gone online to register, and cannot register at all unless I give financial details – which I will not give online or by phone (due to the incident a couple of weeks ago with Abtran) Now, I want to pay, I want to register, but Revenue are basically asking me for my personal financial details (Bank a/c / Credit Card / Debit Card etc.) which I will not divulge. I have been onto the LPT help desk, transferred to Revenue, put on hold, left my number for a call back. I have also sent an e-mail to lpt@revenue.ie telling them that I have attempted to register today, that I will not give financial information online or over the phone, and asked them to send me out two forms (one for each house). What’s the position then if they don’t? I did try, I am a bone fide taxpayer, yet I cannot register (the legal requirement) without divulging my personal financial information.

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