Household Charge compliance now exceeds 80%

Household Charge compliance now exceeds 80%

Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan has thanked the vast majority who have registered their properties and paid the household charge. To date 1,286,802 properties have been registered and this includes 23,626 waivers. Almost €135m has been collected and reallocated to local authorities through the Local Government Fund.

“In the last few years Irish people have had a tough time of it and, in spite of that, almost 1.3 million people have paid the Household Charge. They recognise the importance of compliance with the law of the land and, by paying the charge, they have made their contribution to the provision of essential services in their own areas. I would like to thank them for this.

“We are on the road to economic recovery but it is not an easy road. It has required and will continue to require some hard decisions. This Government is prepared to take the hard decisions that will get us there. The tax base in Ireland has been broadened this year with the introduction of the Local Property Tax and in the long run this will provide local authorities with the ability to raise funding locally and spend it on necessary local services,” added the Minister.

Since 1 January 2013 the Household Charge has concluded and has been replaced with the Local Property Tax. The liability for any household that has not paid the Household Charge was €145 last week. However, any liability that remains un-discharged from today shall be treated as a charge of €200 to the local property tax and the Revenue Commissioners will be responsible for collecting the outstanding charge through the LPT system.

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