Water bill defaulters will face reduction in pressure

Water bill defaulters will face reduction in pressure

Householders who fail to pay new water charges face having their water pressure reduced under new measures approved by the Government.

According to The Irish Times, while no definitive rate has been agreed on as yet, it is expected that the bill for an average home will be somewhere between €100 and €300 a year.

In addition, new legislation will provide that unpaid water charges may be levied against a householder’s property.

The measures are contained in new legislation, the Water Services (No 2) Bill, approved by the Cabinet last week. It is due to be published over the coming months.

While householders who fail to pay will not be disconnected, Irish Water will have the power to reduce the water pressure of any customer who consistently fails to pay.

Officials told The Irish Times that the move would be targeted at those who opt not to pay, rather than those who cannot afford to. It would also only happen after customers have refused all options available to pay their bills.

The metering programme for the implementation of water charges will commence later this month, with charges due to commence in early 2015.

Source: Carl O’Brien/The Irish Times

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