Call for clarification on property tax letters

Call for clarification on property tax letters


Oireachtas Finance Committee Chairman Ciaran Lynch has said Revenue needs to clarify the ambiguity and concerns surrounding the methods of property tax payment.

Mr Lynch is writing to Revenue Commissioners Chairperson Josephine Feehily to invite her to come before the committee and discuss the confusion caused by letters sent out to homeowners.

Mr Lynch said there was not a problem with compliance, but there was a problem with customer service.

He said he hopes that Revenue will listen to their customers and adapt their services to accommodate them.

Yesterday, Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton said Revenue would have to communicate better in relation to the options available to people for paying the tax.

Ms Burton said the letter sent to home-owners by Revenue was very “technical” and did not make the fact that people had the choice to pay the tax next year clear enough.

Retail Excellence Ireland spokesperson David Fitzsimons said confusion over the property tax is going to undo all the good work the Government has achieved in rebuilding the economy.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Fitzsimons said the manner of introduction has been a shambles.

He said it will have a very negative impact on sentiment and spending in the run up to Christmas.

The REI said Revenue needs to withdraw the request for payment, relaunch the request in January and make the standard method of payment a standing order to be taken during 2014.

Mr Fitzsimons said Revenue does not understand the psychological damage that receiving a brown envelope has on people.


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