Making a new garden in Rathfarnham

Making a new garden in Rathfarnham

Stripped bare the site takes on a new meaning and reveals some of the hidden potential

When I first saw this garden, I was impressed by the size and dominance of the rear wall. Clearly previous attempts to conceal the wall or make it more more appealing by growing climbing plants and ivy were not very successful. Overgrown, the plants had reached the point where they were out of control and everything including the garden shed was in danger of being smothered.

We have prepared a very interesting design for this garden and it is intended that the large blank canvass provided by the rear wall will be fully exploited. A new project and it all starts here! Day 1 Site clearance and excavation, there is only one way and that is to get stuck in, strip, remove, extract, dig, excavate and prepare for the next phase: Foundations.

Rampant ivy

Overgrown and out of control

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