Buying a new home? Natural gas provides you with all the home comforts in an energy efficient way

Buying a new home? Natural gas provides you with all the home comforts in an energy efficient way

A new home is one of the biggest purchasing decisions that anyone makes in life. One way to keep your energy bills low into the future, is to buy a home that uses natural gas alongside renewable energy, such as solar PV roof panels. The panels work all year round, converting sunlight into free electricity and reducing your energy bills. Also, any excess energy generated can be diverted to your hot water tank. When natural gas is used in this way with compatible renewable technologies, it’s possible to achieve an ‘A’ rated home without hiking up spending on structural materials.

The benefits of natural gas as an energy source no longer relate to cost or versatility alone, the long-term gain for the environment needs to be considered. We’re all more aware of the impact that greenhouse gases are having on our environment. To tackle this, renewable gas is being developed from organic sources – creating a clean and green sustainable energy source. By 2030, 20% of Ireland’s natural gas needs will be met by renewable gas.

In addition to being a cleaner fuel choice, natural gas offers a variety of other benefits. It’s competitively priced compared to other fuels, at up to 67% cheaper than electricity.* It’s hard to beat it for convenience – you’ll never run out of fuel or have to worry about reordering, as it’s piped directly to your home. It’s also versatile with its many uses including cooking, heating, tumble drying and outdoor lighting.

If you’re moving into a new home, choose natural gas and join 688,000 others who already enjoy its benefits. Click here to learn more from the team at Gas Networks Ireland.

*SEAI – October 2017

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