5 important things first-time renters need to know

5 important things first-time renters need to know

Is this your first time?

Nervous? Everybody is their first time but try not to be. We’re talking about renting of course.

  1. Your key is the key

Getting handed those keys represents freedom. But before you start galloping around the house shouting ‘freedom’ in a skirt like William Wallace, get an extra set made. Or you’ll be enjoying your newfound freedom out in the freezing cold until your housemate comes back.

  1. A lick of paint

Painting your room is a great way to personalise. But before you make that trip to Woodies ask permission from the landlord first. If it’s a no, artwork and rugs are a great way to add your own personal touches to a place.

  1. Check smoke detectors

 You may just think they’re piercingly loud boxes of irritation that go off when you’re burning a cheese toasty, but smoke detectors save lives. As soon as you move in, test them and replace all batteries in the smoke detectors and check them regularly. The same goes for carbon monoxide detectors.

  1. Change your address

ASOS knows you well. That’s why the suggestions in their targeted ads seem to really speak to you. But they don’t know you THAT well. As in, they don’t know you moved. So make sure you change the address on your web autofill and paperwork too. Or your old postman will suddenly be dressing very trendy.

  1. Finally, start using ‘easyRent’ from MyHome.ie

For more chances of securing a viewing with less hassle, start using ‘easyRent’ from MyHome.ie. Where you simply upload all paperwork once to your profile and send securely to multiple applications. It also lets you keep track of each applications progress and notifies you when your application is or is not successful.

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