You’ll never believe how easy applying for a rental is!

You’ll never believe how easy applying for a rental is!

Welcome to ‘easyrent’ from

If you’re reading this, there’s a big chance you’re a renter (thanks cookies!). And if you are a renter, you’ll understand how daft the whole process really is. So welcome to ‘easyrent’ from How does it work? Read on:

  1. Create a profile

Visit ‘easyrent’ from and create your profile. It only takes two minutes (I’ll wait right here).

  1. Upload documents to your profile

Agents and private landlords want to know they have the right applicant for the property. This means they want to know all about you. This used to mean finding, scanning and sending off bank statements, landlord references, junior cert results umpteen times for each property. Now with ‘easyrent’ from, you simply upload all these documents ONCE to your profile where they are securely saved. After all, you don’t want any old willy nilly knowing you scraped a D in pass Irish.

  1. Apply for multiple viewings from your profile

So you created your profile and uploaded all those documents to it. Now you get to see why ‘easyrent’ from is a real game changer. From your profile, simply search properties, click on the ones you like and apply directly. Once you have been offered and accept a viewing, or specifically give permission, relevant documents can be shared with the agent/ landlord securely from your profile. No more searching desktop for scanned statements, spelling mistakes on cover letters or forgetting attachments. Simply click and send. Say it with me ‘click and send’. Easy.

  1. Keep track of your applications

There once was a time where you’d wait and wait and wait for a response only to hear nothing back. This is renting, not online dating. So with ‘easyrent’ from you can see how far along your application is in the process. And if you’re not successful this time, you receive a notification letting you know so you can stop daydreaming and start looking again. Let’s leave the blank rejection to tinder shall we?

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